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This year in which the company was established, the European printing trade was dominated by letterpress printing techniques and predominantly had the structure of a craftman's trade. Taking as a basis his experiences gained in America, Joseph-Otto Bobst, the younger brother of Henry Bobst who was to be responsible for the spectacular development of BOBST S.A. Turned his attention to the problems of rationalisation that existed in letterpress printing and introduced the methods of "Form-Test" to the printers in Europe. “Form Test” means an efficient preparation of the typographic printing forms outside of the printing press to cut machine down time and increase productivity and quality. He set himself up as an independent businessman and founded FAG (Fournitures pour les Arts Graphiques), giving it the legal form of a limited company.

FAG opens subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France and England.

Manufacturing plant opened in Avenches/Switzerland.

BOBST SA in Prilly, took over FAG’s share capital but FAG continued to operate as an independent company under the name of FAG SA.

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