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Colour measurement and new control device for:

  • -The Converting World 

  • -The Corrugated World

  • -The Security Printing World

When you think of FAG, you instinctively think of proofing presses.
But FAG is also world-renowned for its quality control and measuring equipment for the graphic arts industry.

So it's not surprising that from this base, and after more than 80 years of activity in the printing industry, FAG's interests have broadened to include the development of new products. Products range from color measurement and control tools with corresponding software, to ink mixing programs. These developments are growing steadily for the packaging and label sectors (pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, luxury goods, tobacco), for packaging with corrugated board, and also for the security printing sectors (banknotes, security paper, passports).



FAG CORRCHECK Corrugated Analyser

Control The Washboard Effect

FAG CREASY Inspector – some background information

New webpage is dedicated to share information about FAG proofpresses built from the early 40ies until the late 90ies.


Advantages of LED technology

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