FAG : New Product-Line

Colour measurement, and oder control units

Thinking of FAG, draws one’s mind instinctively to proof presses.
FAG is in fact almost synonym with proof.

It is then no surprise that out of this base and within several years of being part of the printing business, FAG’s interests have widened within the development of new products. The range of products goes in the meantime from colour measurement and control tools up to the corresponding software, not to forget the distance colour control on offsetpresses and colour mixing programs. These developments are growing continuously.

FAG Creasy Version 5.x


FAG CORRCHECK Corrugated Analyser

Control The Washboard Effect

FAG CREASY Inspector – some background information

New webpage is dedicated to share information about FAG proofpresses built from the early 40ies until the late 90ies.


Advantages of LED technology

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