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Technical characteristics

FAG FLUODX Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Colorimeter

Using invisble inks to protect your products against counterfeiting is a simple and effective way as you can create your own color combinations, your own screen rulings and screen types and your own layout. No scanner in the world will be able to copy what you design. The smaller the print tolerances you can produce, the more secure the proper element will be. The FAG FLUODX is the ideal tool to support you in printing fluorescent or phosphorescent colors in a repeatable manner.

More Info on the new FLUODX is the ideal tool for any security printing application that uses invisible fluorescent or phosphorescent inks. 

The FLUODXConnect PRO Software features a simple secure icon editor, a color reference database, and a measurement database with a wide range of analyze functions.

USE the UPGRADEInstaller if you have already installed a version from the original USBstick.This is only to UPGRADE from an old version all base installation data will be preserved

The SETUPInstaller is for installing a new system