Video System for web printing control

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A new range of video systems :

Model 2021 manual
Model 2031 motorized
Model 2031-2 double camera

It is :
- A high quality range at a low price
- A small dimension camera box (140x140x240) with swiveling cable output in
order to allow the installation on all machines
- A large picture surface : 120 x 90
- An important enlargement : up to 40 times
- A flash for the back sheet in order to control the registering
superimposition of the recto according the back side
- An integrated keyboard, remote or built-in
- The recto and back pictures on the same screen

FAG MINISCAN 2021 manual system
The basic model FAG MINISCAN 2021 includes :
- 1 SONY 15 screen with protection cover
- 1 electronic box
- 1 integrated keyboard in the camera
- 1 captor for synchro
- 1 mounting bar for the camera box
- Manual move X (laize)
- Electronic move Y (development)
- Scanning Y
- 1 SONY MONO-CCD camera
- Motorized zoom, enlargement of 2.5 to 40 times
FAG MINISCAN 2031 motorized system
Additional functions :
- Integrated keyboard in the electronic box
- Motorized camera box
- Motorized moving in X (laize)
- Electronic moving in Y (development)
- Scanning X, Y or S (X+Y)
FAG MINISCAN 2031-2 double camera
Additional functions :
Integrated keyboard at the electronic box
2 motorized cameras boxes
- Scanning X (laize) and Y (development) or S (X + Y) for each camera
- Pictures of camera 1 and 2 on the same screen

The picture quality of the FAG MINISCAN range remains faithful to the renown, clear contrasts and realistic colors.

The miniature camera box and the 3 possible cable outputs (right, left and top) allow installing the FAG MINISCAN systems on all machines.