Ink-fountain remote control system for offset printing machines

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Technical characteristics

Each ink-fountain consists of a bundled structure where the lower part is a sliding bench for ink distribution on the rollers. The top part is a steel plate.

The support in ERGAL, has different dimensions and a variable profile, all depending on the type of machine on which it is applied. We use the same fixation holes as for the old existing blades. This has the effect of reducing the installation time considerably.

The sectors are in steel. Their length is of 34 mm, their thickness of 10 mm. They are provided with a darn-spring of pairs which increase their precision. Each motor is individually controlled by a speed reducing geer of 12 Vcc and also equiped with a potentiometer, assembled to the same axle, which has the function of checking the position.

The precision of these movements and subsequently the minimal step, is of 1.5 micron. The maximal working movement is of 0.6 mm for each sector and the mechanical ajustments are of 10 mm, guaranteed for reajustments due to wear.

The steel covering blade protects the sectors hermetically.

The motors, the potentiometer and all the electronics are located outside the inking fountain.

This unit is connected by a serial line multipoint RS 422 to the central micro processor, and to the auxiliary command of the motors. This is to be used for adjusting the zero point or in case the PC breaks down.

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  • Electrical supply 220 Vca – 50 Hz – 10 A.
  • Installation time for a machine which is provided with four different printing groups, having each a width of one meter: 3 days.


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