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FAG_BREYE Release Notes

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We are proud to present our pocket size FAG BREYE dot inspector. The Sensor is connected to a PC via a USB2.0 port and supplies a side view of a FAG BREYE script line with 3 dots.

From a list of pre-defined and commonly accepted standards one standard can be selected and used as a reference during production.

The actual Braille dot size can be compared visually against the dot size expected by the selected standard. The software calculates and displays the difference in Dot Height, Dot Base size, and Dot Space in mm or in inch and outputs a Dot Contrast value Based on differences and tolerances, a Critical, Warning or a green Flag symbol is displayed.


FAG BREYE dot Checker some background information

Measure contactless the Braille Dot characteristics and document your quality according to DIN EN 15823

The Version FAG BREYE 2.x Software release offers the features to make the BREYE Braille Dot Analyzer FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant in terms of a closed system. 

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