FAG FLEX≥ PRO and Rount option

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The FAG FLEX≥ PRO reads all transparent flexo plates from 0.5% to 98% within a screen ruling range of 50 Lines/Inch up to 300 Lines/Inch. Also the total dot surface area in % of stochastic screens and hybrid screens can be measured.

In addition the FAG FLEX≥ PRO offers functions to evaluate the DOT SHAPE in the 3rd dimension.


The ROUNT Option is a mechanical holder for Transparent sleeves with integraded ligth source for good stability in transmission analysis


The Relix Option is a holder to fix a digital high measurement, the data are directly transfered via an USB cable into the FAG FLEX PRO

Video Presentation of Rount

Presentation of the FAG FLEX≥PRO

FLEX≥PRO-new control features for the printing process