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FAG is pleased to announce you that the V.5  of the FLEX3 PRO software has been released. It contains a number of important improvements in relation with the introduction of new flexo plate’s material on the market, which allows you to upgrade the investment you made with this measuring device.

Transmission Mode Analysis

Improved Transmission mode measurement of dots with surface patterning        

Improved Performance reading transparent Plates with surface structure


Text Box:  PRINT Mode Analysis       

Improved Performance of white ink film Mottle function on transparent film        

Improved Performance of Mottle function in Transmission            

Mottle Function to measure white ink film on aluminum foil          

Mottle Function to measure Black Ink with white circular illumination        


Improved setting for Customized plate types and substrate types

Improved Camera, Capture, Analysis Settings       

Improved PRINT mode customized substrate types           

3D Mode Analysis

Sharpe Analysis view with the New HDRC mode, the ideal tool to verify

That the dot structure and stability, will last for the entire run of the job


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