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FAG Speedproof 4-C:
No electronic, electric or mechanical elements of FAG Proofpresses are in relation with a date and they will perfectly work from and after January 1st, 2000. Therefore all Offsetpresses are fully year 2000 compliant.

Concerning the DEMIA plate scanner and the TOBIAS scanning densitometer we have to let you know that they will pas the Millennium without any functional difficulties. The only inconvenience will be that the date printed on the related document won't be correct. Although these two units have not been manufactured by us we have tested them and results have shown that machines power up and operate correctly whatever the date is set to. As a countermeasure the related PC would have to be exchanged. For above reasons DEMIA and TOBIAS are not fully year 2000 compliant.

FAG Colorset:
This ink fountain remote control system with its hardware and software is fully year 2000 compliant.

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