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FAG has conducted a comprehensive review of its product range to identify any problems arising with calendar dates in the year 2000 and onwards.

Following document details the best information FAG has on the performance of its current and past products as the date passes the millennium. It includes all products supplied since 1960 under the name of FAG. Whatever possible the products have been tested, but it must be realized that FAG does not have access to all products to test. However the picture is generally good. Problems such as there are occur with third party Operating Systems within the products. Even so in most cases there will be no observable problem for owners and operators of FAG products.

Nevertheless, FAG recommends that its customers conduct a thorough test of computers and other equipment that may be integrated in systems including FAG equipment well in advance of the year 2000.

Clearly FAG can accept no responsibility for equipment supplied from other sources and the millennium bug arising in system could affect the operation of the systems as a whole.

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